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Global Launch of LeadX 2.0

Oslo February 14th, 2020 at 09:00AM to 10:00AM

We invite investors, customers, partners and friends to join the Global Launch of LeadX 2.0.
You can join via web or at our headquarters. Please select what you prefer below.


  1.  Welcome and Intro by LeadX Founder & CEO Tom Aas
    a. LeadX Pitch Deck – Seed Round Feb 15 – March 15
    b. Customers & Markets
    c. Strategic Salesforce Partnership
  2. Presentation and Demo of LeadX 2.0 by LeadX Co-Founder & CTO Devendra Phadnis
    a. Multi Organization Capabilities
    b. Multi Integration Capabilities
    c. Simplification and Gamification of Lead Generation
    d. Other
    e. Q & A
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Those that join us in meeting room “BAKROMMET” at our headquarters will get some refreshments served, and you are welcome to stay 30 more minutes for further dialogue.

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