Sales2020 Conference

Oslo November 28th, 2019 at 8:30am to 11:00am

(light breakfast served)

Join CEO´s, VP Sales & Marketing, Analysts and Management Consultants exploring sales organizations and sales processes of the next decade.


The companies that will have the greatest success and sustainable competitive advantage for the next ten years, will be those who are extremely skilled at exploiting and creating maximum synergy with its network of stakeholders (suppliers, employees, customers, investors, strategic partners and sometimes even competitors).

Companies will have to shift their mindset from traditional business models and transaction-based relationships (WIN – LOSE) to an increasing degree of two-sided WIN – WIN relationships where both sides win.

The CEO and Head of Sales have to think of new channels for potential value creation. Instead of relying on salespeople alone for revenue and value creation, future successful sales organizations will depend on value creation and revenue promoters coming from all parts of the organization.

The Sales2020 Conference Schedule:

8:30am – Registration and light breakfast served
9:00am – Keynote: Message to the CEO
9:15am – Roundtable dialogue
9:20am – Keynote: Message to the Head of Sales & Marketing
9:35am – Roundtable dialogue
9:40am – Keynote: Analyst view of Sales of the next Decade
9:55am – Roundtable dialogue
10:00am – Coffee break and mingling
10:15am – Keynote: Future Expectations from a CEO of a leading Norwegian B2B company with multinetwork business locally and worldwide
10:30am – Roundtable dialogue
10:35am – Keynote: Future Expectations from a Head of Sales & Marketing of a leading Norwegian B2B company with multinetwork business locally and worldwide
10:50am – Roundtable dialogue
10:55am – Conference wrap up
11:00am – Conference closing. Mingling and more coffee for those that have time.

The keynote speakers are people with senior experience from sales and management of world leading B2B organizations, as well as leading Norwegian analysts and subject matter experts.

The experts will be mixed at the conference roundtables, and there will time for roundtable dialogue after each 15 minutes keynote speech.

The conference will take place at the LeadX Headquarters at IT Fornebu.

We are co-located with Simula Research Laboratory.

There are only 40 seats available. Secure your seat now!

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Sales2020 Conference Offering: All registered companies for the conference will get a unique 2020 LeadX™ 1.0 offering. More info will be shared at the conference.