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Effective Way To Track Your Sales Activity

The Most Effective Way To Track Your Sales Activity

Conventional sales activity trackers are a thing of the past; everybody knows that while sales tracking tools are aplenty in the market, a 360-degree approach is what actually works since the whole concept of sales has undergone rapid evolution. Why … Read More

Tips to write effective sales letter

What Is Sales Letter? Tips To Write Effective Sales Letter

A sales letter is a vital aspect for every business. There are various tips for sales letter writing that you should always follow. Here’s taking a look at some of the best ways to write sales letters and understanding more … Read More

Lead Magnet Ideas & examples

How To Grow Your Email List With Lead Magnet- Ideas & Examples

You must have wondered what is a lead magnet since it may help you scale up your email list successfully. Here’s looking at the concept in an in-depth manner. What is Lead Magnet?  Lead magnet refers to a technique for … Read More

Tips to find potential clients

Top Tips To Find Potential Clients

Finding new clients is vital for businesses across the spectrum and the lifeblood for sustaining growth and success. If you want to get clients and new customers in larger numbers, following the right strategies is a must. What are tips … Read More

Stages in Sales Funnel

The Quality of Leads Generated Decides the Quality of your Sales Funnel

Wondering what are sales funnels? If you have sold any item/service or bought anything in return, you have naturally been a part of one such sales funnel. What is sales funnel? The answer to what is a sales funnel is … Read More

Difference between cold, warm & hot sales leads

The Difference Between Cold, Warm And Hot Sales Lead

One of the hotly discussed topics in the sales stratosphere is the difference between cold, warm & hot leads. However, before delving deeper into the differences, you should have a basic understanding about the types of leads that exist and … Read More

How to Manage Sales Leads - LeadX

Managing Your Sales Leads- What Are The Steps To Manage Leads?

You must have already heard of sales lead management and its importance in recent times. Agreed, leads are the lifeblood for consistent growth and successful operations of any business/entity. However, before you venture into learning how to manage sales leads, … Read More

LeadX Partnership with Salesforce

LeadX-Salesforce Partnership: Redefining Lead Management for Companies

LeadX has officially partnered with Salesforce for readying the launch of its LeadX app in the Salesforce AppExchange program by April, 2020. This decision is set to redefine lead management for organizations since Salesforce customers can download LeadX onto the Salesforce platforms … Read More

Sales automation software - LeadX

5 Key Components To Automate Your Sales Process With LeadX: Digital Sales Automation

Sales automation is definitely the need of the hour in a fast-changing digital landscape. Consider the conventional scenario at the outset of how companies operate- an average salesperson usually requires 8-15 quality interactions with a future prospect for closing a … Read More

LeadX - Lead Generating Platform

Now Everyone Can Contribute To Organizational Growth With LeadX 2.0

LeadX is a platform for lead generation, management and tracking that operates on the philosophy of teamwork. The core premise here is that every single person in the organization becomes part of the lead management platforms, generating leads for the … Read More